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Magni Ironfoundersson nodded. The last of the great stone tablets
had been pulled from the ruins and laid carefully between many sheepskin before being bound in leather and stowed in the last cart of the three. The turquoise and gold inlay would be safe for the long trek back to Ironforge. The rams champed at their bits, eager to get out of this heat and begin the long walk back to the mountains. Magni raised his hand to signal Borun Smokehammer to take word to the drovers.

They were headed home.

It was Gurn Keelson who asked about the high pitched whine which filled the air - starting faint, but slowly, slowly growing louder. It was a strange sound, and it echoed from the rocks, echoed from the trees, echoed from the ruins around them. It made the rams nervous, and they snorted in the traces.

The noise was soon joined by a faint screaming. The sound seemed to come from no-where. A scream filled with panic, and terror, and joy.

Gurn was the first to look up, puzzled.

That was when the explosions started.
Currenty recruiting Engineers, and goblins with rocket mounts.
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